We provide three distinct approaches to seamlessly blend an aluminum frame with a composite-injected base, resulting in the most dynamically flexible and size-adjustable binding available. This configuration maximizes your connection to the board, delivering lightning-fast edge-to-edge response and a secure, locked-in feel.


The choice of riders that are looking for some side-to-side tweak and a bit of a surfy feel. The 3 connection points will offer a slightly more mellow side-to-side flex without sacrificing edge-to-edge control.


Designed for riders that are looking for maximum connectivity to their board and the 4 connection points will offer just that; Lightning-fast edge-to-edge response and a locked-in feel.


Ideal for riders in search of a straightforward and efficient binding solution, this option boasts an indestructible aluminum heel cup paired with a nylon-injected base, creating a versatile platform infused with a freestyle essence.


The smallest possible binding footprint, with the least amount of hard plastic touching the board, allows your snowboard to ride the way it was engineered. Bataleon bindings allow the snowboard to perform all its dynamic characteristics without being restricted or distorted. Ride your board, not your binding!


The most comfortable straps ever designed. Whether you strap in with our over-molded Infinity strap set or the ultralight one-piece design Transfer straps we guarantee a perfect boot fit no matter what brand or model boot you ride. To further guarantee a perfect fit we have made everything about this binding customizable.


Auxetic Shape Technology uses hinged patterns that expand perfectly around your boot without stretching or distorting the material eliminating pressure points, providing next level support and comfort.


Kink Ladders allow you to change the feel of your binding by choosing a low or a high connection point for your ankle strap. The low position makes your binding more tweak-able, the high position offers a more locked-in, support and response.


FastEntry Ladders are designed for easy binding entry and exit. The strap’s concave shape is designed to pop open when released. FastEntry ensures that you won’t be fighting to get in and out of your bindings giving you more time to ride.

Fully Customisable

Customizing Bataleon bindings to suit your boots and specific riding style opens up a wide spectrum of possibilities. You can tweak the feel by adjusting ladders, straps, baseplates, padding, and the highback position in various ways.