The smallest possible binding footprint, with the least amount of hard plastic touching the board, allows your snowboard to ride the way it was engineered. Bataleon bindings allow the snowboard to perform all its dynamic characteristics without being restricted or distorted. Ride your board, not your binding!


The new Bataleon bindings are based on our Hybrid Chassis. We blend an Aluminum frame with a composite injected base to create the most dynamically flexing binding possible. The Hybrid Chassis is now available in 2 different flavors The Fullwrap Aluminum frame connects to 4 points on the composite base. This maximizes your connectivity to the board offering lightning-fast edge-to-edge response and a locked-in feel. The Asymwrap frame connects to 3 points of the composite base. This will offer a slightly more mellow side-to-side flex without sacrificing edge-to-edge control.


The most comfortable straps ever designed. Whether you strap in with our over-molded Infinity strap set or the ultralight one-piece design Transfer straps we guarantee a perfect boot fit no matter what brand or model boot you ride. Our ToeStraps feature patented AuxTech® which is a hinged pattern design that perfectly wraps around any boot for the snuggest and most precise fit possible. To further guarantee a perfect fit we have made everything about this binding customizable. The frame of the binding is completely size adjustable while the highbacks allow for forward lean fine-tuning and rotation. Strap can be mounted in several positions and centered over the boot on the fly. With the new Kink ladders there is now also the possibility to adjust the Ankle strap angle. Whatever your boot, there will be a perfect fit.

Never Miss
a Day

Binding problems should never be a reason to miss a day of riding. That’s why we have designed and tested these bindings to withstand the worst punishments. But shit still happens especially when you ride hard. So just in case, something does wear out we include the Never Miss a Day parts kit with every underwrap binding. This emergency kit contains extra ladders and a couple of disk screws and washers so you will never miss a day!

Have a
Nice Binding

Setting up your stance and bindings correctly is critical to get the full 3D Snowboarding experience. Check out this guide and unlock the full potential of your Bataleon bindings.