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Turns great, pretty light, sidekick surprisingly makes a difference for your heel to toe speed, great all around board for your snowboarder who wants one board to do it all, stiffer than I’m used to but enjoying this board very mush so far and gotta love the alien rippin a j

154 Wallie

Jeez where to begin with this beaut! I’ve never had a board that I love as much as this one. It can literally go anywhere. The pop, the flex, the butters/presses, the spins are so effortless. Then you think in your head.. well it can’t be that great for high speed or ripping turns. Think again!! This board paired with my union falcors is an amazing combo. Super light weight, and a top quality board. Compliments on it 24/7. Do us all a favour and pick one up. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.


crazy colorway. I am 6’2 185 lbs and got the 159w board feels amazing! after riding 3bt i will never go back...bataleon #1!!!

All around ripper

Hopped on the "short fat" train a few years back with some of the K2 enjoyer series boards (Carve Air and Party Platter), but wanted a more confident all arounder for my style of riding. I ended up going with the Party Wave+ since it's a little stiffer but still has a playful feel when you're not charging. The width was also a selling point as I like to lay my carves out and wanted to prevent boot drag. I've been lucky enough to get this out in tons of conditions in CO and can safely say it can handle it all. Plows through everything on chunky terrain, floats great in pow, and really shines when you get ripping on groomers. The only learning curve with the 3BT was making sure to pop with a pretty flat base... if you're off balance on take off it feels more likely to kind of shoot you off axis. Other than that I don't really notice the 3BT (in a good way), but it definitely helps its quickness edge to edge. Super stoked on my new daily driver, and I'd only really consider taking out a different board if I'm hunting for powder in tight trees since the tail isn't quite as "chopped" as others and the width can become a lot to throw around. Overall an extremely fun and responsive board, and a looker in the lift line.

Evil twin

Dope color way ! Rides like a beast! Don’t even need high backs with this board ;)


The graphic on this board is so dope. Even better in person.
I got the 159w
I’m 6 foot 1 and weigh 210 with size 13.

Rented stuff before but when I saw this graphic I just went for it.
Do not regret it.
Really light and pretty quick to turn so it’s pretty easy to stop or go when needed.
I’m new to snowboarding so before all boards were about in the 162w range.

I set the stance in the recommended mid position and it was leagues better than other stuff I have used.

Push Up
Best Board ever

I absolutely LOVE this board! I was struggling for a long time to progress to the next level, but I got on this board and it was insane how much I improved. I feel sooo more confident on it; it is light and super fun to jump, carve, and play with. Just this one season, I have done my first 180 and first 360 on this board. It doesn't feel sluggish or unwieldy, it really feels like an extension of my body! When they say this board is good for not catching edges, they aren't wrong. It is wild the number of times I probably should have caught my edge, but didn't on this board. All of these things have upped my boarding skills and confidence 1000%. I will recommend this board to anyone and everyone until the day I die!

Best board out there

I got this snowboard a week ago and absolutely love it already. The flex is super nice, but still stable at high speeds. The 3BT is really nice and gives a catch free ride making butters effortless. Highly recommend this snowboard!

All about that 3BT life!!

Been riding Bataleon boards for over 3 seasons now and I’m more than happy I found them!! Coming from traditional camber boards for over 28 years of riding.. the 3BT changed the way I looked at snowboarding!! Started with the fun kink, then got the CT, and now the party wave plus!! This thing rips!!! You can throw anything at it and it just impresses you!! From pow, to groomers, to chop, chunder, cat tracks, whatever... this board will have you asking for more and grinning from ear to ear!! This thing is a beast!! Get one!! You will be impressed.

Superstar all mtn

Great all mountain board, even without pow!

Damn straight

I got this one a few weeks ago and it's, literally, då bomb. Nothing but net! Love the material and it's sturdy AF. Wore it full day on the slopes and it was great as a top layer! 10 out of 10, BOSS.

Now part of the party and loving it!

Haven't had this much fun on a snowboard in ages!!! First time taking the leap away from a freestyle board to a more directional (perhaps a sign of getting older). However I also wanted to take some of the freestyle with me. Was looking for a fun, carving machine with enough play to still confidently hit jumps/natural features, ride/land switch on occasion. And of course, perform well enough in powder / slush (east coast powder...not talking Alaska here). A board that ticks all the small feat. I'd read concerns about there being a learning curve to get used to the 3BT raised edges. Also being a larger rider (6'2", 210lbs, size 11.5), concern that a shorter, softer board would wash out more when carving aggressively or landing backseat. Learning curve? MINIMAL. Fun on the first day? CHECK! Tyler_Chorlton_style carving? CHECK! Edge-control when I need it? CHECK! Solid pop from the tail for both ollies and snap out of turns? (thank you carbon rods) CHECK! Fun freestyle spinning on jumps? CHECK! A nose that will plow through anything? CHECK! Very happy (experienced) rider? CHECK!

The perfect parkboard

great on the jibs, great on the jumps. It has the perfect flex. Also addicted to the 3BT. Highly recommended!

Nice Durable Bag for Snowboard

This is nice drybag that fits two snowboards. It fit my 11.5 size boots and 162W board together but I just usually put 1 board, no boots.
It does fit my two boards, 159W and 162W kind of tight but they fit. I think bag will do well with smaller board, fitting boots, board and other stuff too. Overall pretty nice bag.


this is my second she w and i absolutely love it!

Super sick

Sick board

Snow proof hoodie

4/5. Snow still builds up on your but when you wipe out.

One of the best boards ever

Thos is a board that I have wanted for a while and it did not disappoint, tearing up the chunder on the slopes and plowing it’s own line is not a problem for this bad boy. Popping jumps and sliding boxes is as easy as spreading biter on toast you may go on the edge but that toast is still going to be rad.

The love of my life

I first rode a friends global warmer a few years ago and fell in love with tbt and knew I needed it in my life but wanted something with a bit more flex and the wallie is just that. Only had a chance to take it out a handful of times so far but I’m in love, technical little jib stick that still stomps. Can’t wait to get some more laps on her!

Literally A Snowplow

Completely happy with my purchase. Super floaty on powder and rides really well on groomers. There wasn’t a learning curve in transitioning from a “standard” board to a shorter, wider board. No complaints with this one!

Perfect fit

I was worried about the absence of size chart. Well, I can confirm you that the sizing is true to what you want when you ride the park.
I'm satisfied with the size and the quality of the textile as well. The price of the item match the high quality of that piece of clothing. Now hoping for springtime weather to hike up the jib line at my local resort with this hoodie on.

For girls who can shred!

The Bataleon love powder is every girls best friend! A super reactive board that can lay down turns like no other. With its surfy feel and spoon like large nose this bitch plows through. With little effort you can whip through turns while keeping afloat on the thickest of pow. I definitely recommend this board for women who can shred! Not a beginner board by all means. The Bataleon Love Powder is a game changer for ladies who love to ride the cold smoke.

Love this board

Super happy I purchased this board. I’m a small and light weight rider (5’0”, ~105lbs) so it’s always been hard for me to find a board that’s soft enough for me to get a good flex on but I’m able to get good presses executed on this board with not a lot of effort. The 3D shaped tip and tail is also amazing. I’ve definitely had many instances where I should’ve caught my edge but the curve of the board helped me ride out of it. Love the feel, the look, and everything about this board!


The board looks incredible. I got the black base and it looks great! Great all mountain burner.

My Fave

I had been waiting for the 143 to restock and finally purchased it. For reference, I am 5’3 - 120 lbs. It has the perfect amount of flex for you to get creative in the park and just enough stiffness to make your freestyle riding a breeze. I would say that this is probably the best all mountain board I’ve ever ridden. Although it’s lightweight, this board literally cuts through any & everything and gives you prime stability throughout your ride. Not to mention the crazy pop you get from the camber! So happy I added this bombshell to my collection, one of the more fun rides I’ve ever had. Whether you’re getting your park runs in our gliding down powder this board is THE ONE!