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Bataleon NA
Gavin Gestring
best boards

ive rode almost everyone of there park boards ( Wallie, Disaster, Whatever, party wave twin disaster +, Evil Twin, and the list goes on i thoughly enjoyed every board i was on and they helped me to progress from 180s to 1080s over the years i always recommend i bataleon board for beginners to advanced riders.

Bataleon NA
Stephen Thompson
Bataleon Camel Two

The thing that most impressed me about this deck was the lightening-quick turns I am able to make with it in powder. This is the perfect board for riding trees and the stiff tail makes it a hard-charging board on the groomers as well. It’s a beautiful graphic on the top sheet and looks as good hanging on my wall as it feels underfoot when I’m riding it.

Great board great company!

Ive had Bataleon bindings for half a season and loved them and thr customer service so much I bought the Fun Kink as a flexible freestyle board. Only rode it once at the end of the season, but I loved it and can't wait to learn tricks next year. Bataleon FTW!

Bataleon NA
Harold Patino
Bataleon Astro Asym

So far great bindings, lighter weight than my stratas and more comfortable footbed and straps. Almost felt like a cloud under my feet. Felt flexible enough for park but stiff enough for all mountain. Great bindings and the adjustibility is great! Def recommend

Bataleon NA
I-Hsuan Kao
Brand thats is making awesome snowbaord gears

I own a Bataleon Surfer and Bataleon Astro bindings. The board is amazing and floats like insane in deep powder. The board has really good details and is very well made with high-quality control. The bindings are just very well made as well. They redid their whole binding line in like 2023 and they are very comparable to other high-end bindings in the market. The straps are probably one of the best in the market. Adjustability is plenty and the footbed dampness is just next level. I like how they are doing things and hopefully, they will bring more innovations to the snowboard communities. Can't wait to see their boots line up in the next coming season!

Bataleon NA
Kat A.
Stuntwood is the perfect board for us shorties

I am a very short person (5'1, female, 100lbs) and I was looking for my first snowboard as an adult. Having used lots of rentals in the past, I knew I wanted something short. The stuntwood did the trick for me, this board rips. Forgiving with turns, agile, lightweight, and can still stop on a dime.

Bataleon NA
Jason Joos
Bataleon Thunderbolt

Fantastic ride! Please bring this board back, as eventually I will need another one. It’s a great board that I can ride shorter than I ususally do. I wish they would release a 161W in the same board. Other Bataleon boards I’ve ridden are also great. But love all the characteristics of the Thunderbolt!!!

Bataleon NA
Connor Martin
Camel toe and 130 tbt

Rode camel toes for a bunch of years. Great allrounder even in the park. Nose gives out on tough traverses and carving deep trenches it lacks in performance unless it’s pow. As a pow board it’s nimble with the super short flat tail. My kid 6 year old rides a tbt mini and it works well. Links turns jumps, chop, seems to work for him. Nice to have short and wide on the kids boards as their feet are often to big for the boards that are less than 140s

Bataleon NA
Tim Chen
Perfect progression board

Bought my wife the 2024 Push Up as a progression board as she’d been using an old 15 year old Burton Hero previously. The build quality is great amazing. Other than some tiny non functionally impacting blemishes on the top sheet which is only noticeable up close, it’s flawless. And feels very solid. I got a pair of Gata Bindings to go with it. The quality on that is great as well and the two look like they were meant to be.
She hasn’t had a chance to start using them yet but is excited to use it as well. Will update this as soon as she has a chance to try it!

Bataleon NA
tyler neafus
Ducking rips

This board absolutely smashes everything. Lay down carves no brainer. pop to the sky off a lil side hit or fly through the park whatever your flavor this board is providing it.
Ps.. I bought two of these boards.

Bataleon NA
Myki Moreland
Evil twin+

I enjoyed my evil twin+ definitely was a lot different (in an good way) from my Solomon but I enjoyed the switch

Bataleon NA
Ben Knight
Thunderbolt 159w

This board needs to be reintroduced so I can buy another to keep in reserve. Tracks like a guided missle, it demolishes anything in its path.

Bataleon EU
Onur Bal
Rare and Beautiful

I learned snowboarding with Bataleon Chaser board and bindings, now i am proud them. My gear is rare on the park with its style and performing as hell under my feet!

Bataleon EU
Christoffer Nilsson
Bataleon 4 Life

Been riding Bataleon (and other LPS brands) for years now. Currently have five Bataleon boards in my quiver; Beyond Medals, Party Wave twin, Cruiser, Disaster + and the Wallie - one for every occasion.

Truly love the quility and design of the boards and bindings, obsessed with the asymwrap bindings 👌🏻

Just had one minor mishap, but customer service took care of that quick and easy.

See myself as a Bataleon rider for life.

Keep it up!

Bataleon EU
LIsa Lumpert
Great service great board

Order went flawless and board is superb

Really good snowboards

These snowboards are really good, quality boards! The designs on all of them look amazing each and every year! And no matter what you’re looking for or how you ride, bataleon has a board that will fit you and your style!


The Bataleon Astro Asym wrap turn you into Venom from Spiderman. One with the board. Peak board feel and control - makes it impossible NOT to 1080 off every bump and side hit

Bataleon NA
Cam Chang

Board rips! Plows through just about anything with plenty of pop. 10/10 would recommend!

Bataleon EU
Best yet: 20Y

Been riding for 20+ years and got to say that this was a game changer for me! Redan a couple of reviews about time to adapt to 3bt, but it was super smooth and got into the new board in just a couple of laps. Most fun board I've tried.

Stellar Ride

I couldn't be happier with my new Bataleon bindings. They're tough and light. No pressure points. Hell yeah!

Bataleon NA
Zoe Pion

I've never felt like a real snowboarder, until Bataleon.

Bataleons thunderstorm, absolutely screwed me...I can NEVER ride another board other than bataleon again.

I'm new to riding, it's been about two years.
This year I switched halfway through the season from my salomon to the Thunderstorm.

The difference this board made for my riding, was INSANE. I actually felt like a real snowboarder.

I couldn't catch an edge even if I tried. I remembered gliding right over an ice patch not realizing it was ice until my friend ate it, and that's when I really realized how great this board is.

On top of not catching an edge, the flow that you feel because of the way they shape their board. AMAZING.

I'm honestly never going back to another board.

Also, the colors are absolutely beautiful - and perfectly unisex so my partner got to try it without feeling girly!

I'm honestly obsessed with this board - counting down the days until winter comes again so I can shred on the BEAUTY THAT IS BATALEON.

Bataleon EU
Gijs Peetsold
Batale-on and on

Full disclosure: I’m writing this cuz there’s a 250 euro gear voucher raffle I wanna win. But consider this: I already have three goliaths, an omni, a camel two and an evil twin and I stíll wamna win that store credit so I can buy more cuz these boards are just that damn good. Oh and they have great customer service as well.

Bataleon EU
Michiel Vries
Bataleon number 6 :)

Since I bought the Goliath in 2016, I am a huge fan! Blow, The One, Love Powder (for my wife), Party Wave + and this year Spirit (for my wife), all board are amezing to ride in their own habitat.

Bataleon NA
Ray Y.
Best Boards & Best Customer Service on the Market

After much thought, I figured I would try out the 3BT with a 2023 Wallie.

Used it as my park and butter board and did not regret it.

The board was stunning in person, the flex was perfect, and the 3BT was so confidence-inspiring. The 3BT let me try new butter tricks and features I wouldn't have dared to with my other boards without edge-tech. It almost felt like a cheat code! It was so fun, I bought my wife a Wallie as well so that we can butter all over the mountain. Another huge plus is that Bataleon makes so many sizes for their snowboards that a 5 ft 10 in 180lbs guy and a 4 ft 1 in 100lbs girl can ride the same board.

I was told that the 3BT would take a little to get used to, but I picked it up right away, even after 6 years of snowboarding. So if you have any worries about how the 3BT might feel, the only thing I got to say about it is that I barely noticed it.

Finally, once I had my fair share of fun on my Wallie, the edge started delaminating. After a brief email exchange with the customer service reps, they offered to fully replace my snowboard free-of-charge. An absolute testament to how confident they are about their products. A big refresher compared to another snowboard company (that I also love), that refuse to replace snowboards and only offers a discount...

If you are on the fence about getting a Bataleon, just get it and you won't regret it! The people at Bataleon are seriously passionate about the sport and has made snowboarding so much more fun for me. Support these absolute legends.


What an incredible board. Shoots right to the top of its class with the 3D shape adding just enough juice to separate it from the pack. No photo finish here.