The 20Y Book

"You should stop adding pages now" is everything we could hear when we reached the 500 pages. But seriously, how do you stop yourself from spilling two decades worth of wild stories and epic photos?

From the beginning, the vision was clear – every board ever crafted by the brand had to be featured in the book. We are talking about 451 snowboards. Now, imagine the journey Thomaz Autran embarked on to share something about each board – the graphics, the stories behind them, the adventures riders had – basically, every little detail about every single one of those boards. If you've ever rocked a Bataleon or consider yourself a fan, I promise your board is in there, with some juicy details you probably never knew.

The book is a journey through the history and evolution of Bataleon Snowboards, told in three parts. First off, there's the gallery and a look back at the early years of the brand. It explores the development and transformation of the triple base concept, a defining feature of Bataleon boards. Moving on to the second part, it covers the years from 2005 to 2024. Each year is introduced, giving you the lowdown on what happened during the season – new projects, boards, team members, and more. It also showcases the graphics of every board made during that time. Finally, to wrap it all up, there's a section where the riders express their love for the brand. It adds a personal touch, sharing their thoughts and experiences with Bataleon.

Once all the boards were in place, we had to go through a lot of photos for the gallery. Nowadays it is pretty easy to keep all the photos saved in the same place, but back in the days, when film was inside our cameras and scanning was the only way to get the photos, the archiving procedures were not that "strict" or "trustful." We had to reach out to a lot of photographers like Jérôme Tanon, Dominic Zimmermann, Vanessa Adrieux, Frode Sandbech or Cyril Müller to get high-resolution photos or anything that could add to the gallery. In the end, the problem was that we had way too many photos, so the selection took god knows how many hours and a thousand stories. Some pics sadly had to stay out, but others, like Vanessa Andrieux's shot of the team spelling out BATALEON on a half-pipe or Tyler Chorlton giving L’Arrogs a mid-air high-five, had to make the cut. Guilli Gudmundsson's roof gap by Frode Sandbech, some clean methods from Tor Lundström and DBK, and street riding by Ethan Morgan, Jaeger Bailey and Christian Halland are some of the photos that will make you slow down when looking through the book.

Most brands have that specific color that is their signature vibe. For Bataleon, it's that bold yellow. So, when it came time to design the book, we were like, let's make it neon yellow! And that’s what we did, and it came out better than what we could ever imagine. A clean 37cm by 16.5cm design wrapped in a recycled cardboard cassette, adorned with the 20Y logo, and a discreet square representing the Bataleon logo. While 600 pages made the final cut, trust me, we easily could've hit 1000. It's a visual odyssey through 20 years of Bataleon snowboards. Smile to more years of epic boards and wild stories!

20Y Collection