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    The Jam


    Bataleon Jam Snowboard 2019 - 2020 product image by Bataleon Snowboards
    Bataleon Jam Snowboard 2019 - 2020 product image by Bataleon Snowboards
      The Jam is the board in your quiver for top level performance. This all- mountain freestyle deck is tuned for experienced riders in search of a high end board to handle it all. The more power you give it, the more it gives back.

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        Customer Reviews

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        Mike M
        Super light, just the right amount of flex for an all-mountain workhorse

        I was surprised at how light the board was. The flex feels phenomenal. This thing will take on the whole mountain and will likely slay pow with the stance put back. I'd feel confident taking this in the park and hitting the pro line.

        Only thing I think it would be hard to do is jib around, but this board definitely is not made for that. I'm stoked on my purchase.

        Sick Board!!!

        Best Board I Ever Had 🔥


        Quality board. This is my first time owning a Bataleon board and I really enjoy the 3BT. I'm convinced that I couldn't catch an edge if I tried! Taken it out 3 days now and it really inspires confidence as you can ride away even if your landings aren't right on point. Was somewhat skeptical regarding this board's ability to carve in icy New England conditions but I have found that it holds an edge pretty well, even if you have to go a little deeper before finding it. super stable at speed and when stomping larger landings. Rides switch like a dream.

        Sick Board!!!!

        This board is sick! I’ve ridden a few different brands and was on the same deck for the last 10 years. Ready for a change I decided to try the Jam. I wanted something for all mountain that could rip groomers and still hit the pow when the snow comes. This was definitely the board! Grips turns perfectly, maneuvers great and has tons of pop. Great control and no washout particularly when you’re going fast. I would totally recommend this board.


        This board is an absolute shreddin monster! it'll do dang near anything you want it too. From hitting powder to hauling down a groomer, you can't go wrong with The Jam. Sidekick gives it an awesome touch while hitting some fast carves, and the camber is insane, giving some nice pop to it. All in all The Jam is absolutely amazing!