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    Bataleon Stallion Snowboard 2019 - 2020 product image by Bataleon Snowboards
    Bataleon Stallion Snowboard 2019 - 2020 product image by Bataleon Snowboards
      The Stallion is wider than average boards to accommodate riders with big feet. We beefed it up to handle larger, more powerful riders while the 3D shaping ensures responsive nimble performance without compromise.

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        Customer Reviews

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        Alexander Moore
        Tall Riders Dream

        Finally found a board that fits the larger rider. I’m 6’8’’, 220lbs, have a size 13 boot and the stallion let’s you saddle up and tackle any conditions on the mountain. I previously rode a 158w Goliath and felt a lot of chatter and not enough support. Stepping onto the Stallion feels like the next step up and let’s a larger rider translate their power into their riding!

        Ralph De La Rosa
        Welcome to the future

        Great board. The 3D definitely took some getting used to. It's more dramatic than Jones or other brands using this tech. In fact, the first thing I did with this board was fall while transferring edge in a natural bowl because I put too much weight into the transfer. After five runs on this thing, I was carving deeper than usual and loving how playful the 3D shape makes this despite it being a stiffer board. The pop from the camber left a little bit to be desired so far, but I also sense I haven't quite learned this board yet. That may change.

        Not for beginners. When you pressure your back foot on this thing it whips around. I can tell already it's gonna be a fun AF in powder for this reason. As for groomers etc this is for riders who have front foot steering on lock or are approaching that. This board actually laid bare some of my bad habits in a new way for precisely this reason. The torsional flex on this stiff beast was surprisingly good, actually - again, lending itself to that proper front foot tech.

        Not a quiver killer, but a rad addition to the set.

        6'0", 210 lbs, size 12 boot on a 164 cm wide. Toe was half an inch over the edge but no drag. Rode on 2" of fresh over windblown bulletproof on blues and small jumps.

        Amazing Flow

        Damn. Boards for bigger riders have gotten so much better, and this one blows away my prior board. I'm 6'4", 210lbs, with size 14 boots. This thing flows and pops, and I never drag a toe. The shaped base gives me so much more room to play and control the flow without catching an edge. Completely game changing!

        Pretty sweet!

        Definitely a big boy toy.

        Previously rode a 158W Rome rocker reverb wanting to be a park rat but my friends all chase the steeps and powder. Couldn’t keep up/kept losing edge/unstable af/tired af from bending my knees all day of any of that applies to you read this!

        This board is for the rider who’s taller and heavier. I’m 6’3” 230lbs and rode the 164W with Union Faction bindings on a blue bird day 30°F and can say with confidence this thing can hold an edge like a butt cheek on a stick. Never felt like I was getting squirly going 50 down sun bowl at squaw valley this season. Lots of pop! Traditional camber and that little stiffness in the back let’s you boost all day. Didn’t feel a difference riding switch. Didn’t catch an edge either setting up for jumps and little side hits. 3bt is dope. Lookin forward to the rest of the season on this baby 😍

        If you want a board that’s gunna be stable at high speeds, can carve groomers like a mofo, boost sky high, and eat pow for breakfast this is it my guy.

        George D.
        The board I’ve been waiting for

        Just took my Stallion 172 out for the first time today and it is a game changer. I’m 6’5” 300+ Lbs and this is the first board that has allowed me to keep up with my smaller friends. The stability and control, combined with the 3bt technology that basically makes catching an edge a thing of the past, makes this board amazing. I would recommend this board to any big guy trying to shred some pow.

        Its perfect For my fame a d size 15 boots. 11/10 would recommend bataleon boards. I am a believer.

        This is the way.