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    Party Wave +

    Bataleon Party Wave + Snowboard 2020 - 2021 product image by Bataleon Snowboards 1
    Bataleon Party Wave + Snowboard 2020 - 2021 product image by Bataleon Snowboards 5
    Party Wave +
    Party Wave +
    Party Wave +
    Party Wave +
      Party like a VIP

      The Party Wave+ is everything you already loved about the Party Wave in a deluxe version. It’s built with higher grade materials, a lighter woodcore, upgraded glassing and an ultra fast base. It’s a high end all-mountain shred sled for riders looking to party like a VIP.




        Softer snowboards are easier to press and won’t kick your ass if you make a mistake. Stiffer decks are more stable at speed and super responsive edge-to-edge. Choose your poison.



        Maximum volume for surfy vibes in the pow, or a smaller surface area for nimble freestyle performance. This number is calculated with length, width, 3D shape and surface distribution.



        What’s this board’s natural home? Full send in the park? Elbows down on the trails? Or chucking roosters somewhere off grid?


        Outline Shape


        Directional Tapared Outline


        3D Shape


        Freeride 3BT™ + Sidekick™


        Sidebase Uplift

        low Uplift

        High Uplift

        Camber Profile


        Mellow Camber


        Carbon Layup





        Our traditional and time tested two-way weave of fiberglass is light, strong and responsive; keeping the board snappy without adding torsional stiffness.


        100% poplar - traditional core design that draws on the strong, springy qualities of this mid-hard wood from tip to tail.

        Base Tech

        Not a basic extruded base. It has the highest molecular content available for an extruded base. That means it’s super slick, durable and maintenance-free.

        Base Tech

        Producing two or more base color options minimizes p-tex waste. That is why you will find flip flop base options on most of our die-cut bases. This means orders can be filled with either color option which makes environmental sense.


        Triple Base Technology™ is awesome. The lifted sidebase areas at the widest points of the board make a lot of sense. The boards turn smoother and faster and it helps when you are not completely clean on your landings.

        SideKick™ dramatically increases the sidebase uplift at the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, increases float in powder and handling of the board in rough terrain.

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        We use tried and trusted ABS sidewalls for most of the collection. For the best flex to strength ratio.

        We use tried and trusted ABS sidewalls for most of the collection. For the best flex to strength ratio.

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        Party Wave + Specs

        Length (cm) 148 151 154
        Contact Length (cm) 111.5 114.3 117.1
        Effective Edge (cm) 115 117.8 120.6
        Waist Width (cm) 27.8 27.9 28
        Tip/Tail Width (cm) 32.4/30.4 32.6/30.6 32.9/30.9
        Sidecut Radius (m) 8.7 8.8 8.9
        Setback (cm) 3 3 3
        Inserts 20 20 20
        Min-Max Stance (cm) 49-57 50-59 51-60
        Float Rating (0-100) 80 84 86
        Weight recommendation 61-73 kg / 134-161 lbs 66-83 kg / 145-183 lbs 71-88 kg / 156-194 lbs
        Shoe size (EU) 38 - 45+ 38 - 45+ 38 - 45+

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 33 reviews
        Davis Fryhoff
        What can’t this board do

        I demoed the party wave a few weeks ago, I loved it but wanted a little more out of it. I wanted to really lean into the carves at high speeds. I had my eye on the party wave plus since it came out. Once I rode the party wave I pulled the trigger on the plus. It has been amazing. I have been able to get 3 days on it so far, 2 of which being powder days with about a foot of snow. It handled like a dream. Floating through the powder in the morning and plowing through the chunder in the afternoon. I pointed this straight a few times in the afternoon chunder and it blasted right through it all and I still felt in control with where I wanted to turn. I actually have sold my powder specific board and my all mountains freestyle board as this has taken over both of those spots. The ability to butter on the nose, throw nice big carves, be in tight trees, bomb down a groomer, and still float in powder is something I never thought I would find in a board. It’s become my top board to ride for the season. Going from aggressive riding in the morning to party board riding with friends in the afternoon it does it all. If you’re on the fence, just buy it. You won’t regret it. I got the 154, my weight is 180 and size 10 boot


        Unreal customer service from prior to purchase and even after delivery! Such a friendly and helpful bunch… my first directional board and experience with Bataleon and now I can’t see myself riding anything else

        Not your dads snowboard

        I’ve ridden the champagne powder from the Canadian Rockies, sierra cement living in Tahoe, the Montana cold smoke, the steep and deep in Colorado to the hard pack ice of Mt Stratton in VT. For the last 25 years combing through gimmick boutique brand boards with some “state of the art” designs building my quiver for the right conditions. These boards have blown my mind. In any condition, this board turns easy (even in heavy ass snow), floats like a dream, the design keeps the board from catching unwanted edges and yard selling down the Mtn. This directional sets you up for not having to set back your binding to ride on deep days and has become my daily driver for all conditions. I have a hard time going back to my twin tip. Edges are easy to tune without having to peel back the ABS material. Board is built light. I would caution not to ride this board in low snow conditions. Beating up this stick will make you cry. Take care of this board and you will love it!

        brian murray

        This is my third party wave, I always come back. Carves amazing on hard pack, super surfy snd lively, even directional it’s still awesome fakie, a freakin powder, catch free vibes, balanced well for jumping, enough flex but can power over and through everything. This board is a dream.

        Fun little ripper

        Loving this board. Still early season here but digging the ride.

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