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    Gimbal God PW+

    Gimbal God PW+
    Gimbal God PW+
    Gimbal God PW+
    Gimbal God PW+
    Gimbal God PW+
      You know you have seen his footage while scrolling on your phone, Spencer Whiting AKA "Gimbal God" has arguably rewritten the book how to film snowboarding with his jaw dropping follow cams shots. But being one of the hardest working filmers in the game rarely do you get to see him on the other side of the camera, but when you do you realize how he is able to ride along side the best of them.   So after 4 season straight of making the Party Wave+ his board of choice, we decided to give him the opportunity to design his own Limited version. Get yours before it's gone.

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        kris formica

        originally bought the party wave+ as a slush slasher but soon found out that this thing rips! groomers, trees and fresh pow up to 6” are this thing’s forte. i also have a 159 surfer, but find myself riding this board 90% of the time. i can’t get off it!!

        Matthew Ham
        Nothing to complain about

        This board exceeds expectations.

        Andrew Holly
        Shred City!

        It took me a few days to really understand this deck but when it clicked I fell in love in a major way!

        I went with the 154 at 6’7” // 165lbs // 22” stance width. I’m sure I could ride the 51 but at my height I went for a little more length. Definitely doesn’t feel like too much board and I like to charge so I am happy with the 154.

        This board RIPS CARVES like crazy on the groomers. It rides switch with ease, even with my back foot set back one click to get my stance width. I’ve only had one pow day on it but needless to say it floats like a boat.

        There is something magical going on with this side cut and 3BT - 9m arc let’s you lay down heavy carves but it doesn’t feel cumbersome when whipping tight turns.

        It might look like a specialty deck for a quiver but it’s my preferred ride on most days cuz it’s just too much fun!

        Jake Glaser
        This thing is sick

        Wow. The hype is real for the Party Wave+. I’ve been wanting something a bit more flexy and playful than my Burton all-mountain that still crushes the pow, rips groomers and can ride switch with stability. The PW+ blew my expectations out of the water. This baby floats in the deep stuff, and it’s crazy forgiving edge to edge but still lays down a deep carve. I sized it down 7cm and it feels like more than enough board. It blasts through just about anything. Buy it.

        Height: 6’0
        Weight: 172
        Size: 151


        I heard a lot of chatter about this board prior to purchase. It does take a few runs to get used to, but once you get it down, this board is lightning fast through all conditions. The width makes this board extremely easy to exit any lift as well. A whole different world. I actually had to pullover and wait for my guys a few times cause this board is so fast. Riding it is also effortless, especially in a foot of pow. I'm used to longer boards so I went with the 157. It's like a Cadillac; fast, smooth, easy. As much as I'd like to add to the collection, not sure I'd want to ride anything else. ✌🏼