Global Warmer

    Bataleon Global Warmer Snowboard 2020 - 2021 product image by Bataleon Snowboards
    Global Warmer
    Global Warmer
    Global Warmer
    Global Warmer
    Global Warmer
      Heat up the park

      The Global Warmer was the first of its kind; a high end jib board with top of the line ingredients packed into a soft yet stable package. It can be ridden in the jib line or on the big kickers, making it one of the most functional jib boards on the market.




        Softer snowboards are easier to press and won’t kick your ass if you make a mistake. Stiffer decks are more stable at speed and super responsive edge-to-edge. Choose your poison.



        Maximum volume for surfy vibes in the pow, or a smaller surface area for nimble freestyle performance. This number is calculated with length, width, 3D shape and surface distribution.



        What’s this board’s natural home? Full send in the park? Elbows down on the trails? Or chucking roosters somewhere off grid?


        Outline Shape


        Twin Outline


        3D Shape


        Twin 3BT™ + Sidekick™


        Sidebase Uplift

        Low Uplift

        Low Uplift

        Camber Profile


        Mellow Camber


        Carbon Layup




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        We use tried and trusted ABS sidewalls for most of the collection. For the best flex to strength ratio.

        We use tried and trusted ABS sidewalls for most of the collection. For the best flex to strength ratio.

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        Global Warmer Specs

        Contact Length 109.3111.9114114.5116.6117.1119.7
        Effective Edge 111.3113.9116116.5118.6119.1121.7
        Waist Width 24.624.826.62526.825.225.4
        Tip/Tail Width 28.428.730.62930.929.429.7
        Sidecut Radius
        Setback 0000000
        Min-Max Stance "505-625"51-63"515-635""515-635"52-6452-64"525-645

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews

        This board gave me so much confidence The triple base technology is life changing i was hitting jumps and rails i was always worried about

        First bata

        Jib board only ? .. Na I literrraly push the thing all around the mountain. First I only wanted a jib board but its doing very good out of the park I lead it to 3 of my friend for a day and same review on the park yeah but every where yeah too ✌

        What a board!

        Got a the global warmer as a warranty replacement of a defective evil twin. The GW is really not just a jib board. Ths board is wide and does pretty well on powder and tree runs. It is super light and handles jumps pretty well. I find poppy and super stable in the air. Edges are not as sharp as the evil twin, it took me some time to get use to it specially on ice you won't have much control! I love this board!

        GW is full send

        This I my second Bataleon, I also have a Magic Carpet 158. I am 6 ft 3 and weight about 210-215, size 13 boot.

        Since I am bigger guy I picked up a156W, I am so happy companies are making short wide boards, it is a dream come true and 3BT is an absolute monster for progression. The Global Warmer is such a fun ride, I picked this board up because of its softness, 3.5, I wanted something more playful and I am a huge camber fan. This board is not only super easy to butter on the flats but locking onto boxes is effortless. I was nailing tail presses all weekend and locking 50-50’s easy. Although it is a jib board, I had no problems laying down carves, frontside spins yeeting off side hits into switch carves. It pops great and ollies snap like Rice Crispies. I really like the flex profile of this board, its soft on the tail and nose for buttery goodness yet it’s very springy and responsive, I never once felt like the edge would give. Once you start flexing into this baby you can feel the power and response of the camber, she gets down and dirty. 3BT takes a few runs to get used to but once you get the feel for edge transition it’s THE BEST!!! Haven’t taken it through pow yet but I am sure it will slay like other 3BT woods I have ridden. The uplift is nice, you can spin forever it seems and not get hung up. Lastly, it’s super slick but after one day of moderate shred in the mini park and rest of the hill, it was a little sluggish the following day so I will wax her up. Overall excellent ride, anything Bataleon makes that you think fits your riding style, it will and 3BT will progress your ability and they are so much fun to ride. You’re doing the shred Gods work Bataleon,
        Three up!