Don't Believe Us.

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If it were a music genre it would be death metal

If this board were a car it’d be a Bugatti Veyron. If it were a music genre it would be death metal. So why oh why did the graphics department take inspiration from a surfboard, it couldn’t be more yawn inducing! I mean don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for a black base but give me an all black top sheet too no fancy try hard graphics just a bad ass straight up all black no fuss beast of a board.

Great board!

Great board that rides smooth on the hill in any condition anywhere on the mountain


Oh sh*t this thing is so cruisy they should put a pineapple on it. Sweet sweet ride.

Cream colour, not white

Based on the images I matched this with white bindings. The board arrived and it is very definitely cream coloured and the white bindings will not go, so just a heads up that the colour as pictured is not accurate. Can't wait to ride it though.



Bataleon camel toe

I had a old bataleon ct that i loved, best powder board of all time for me. Sold it and bougt a 2021 camel toe board. Sadly the CT is now a noodle, this is for beginners and people who like a really soft board. I didnt know the bataleon two was made but see in reviews that it is also a soft board. Bataleon and lobster with tbt will always be a favorite for me but had to change brand to get a more stable powder board. Hope you guys bring back a stiffer powder board.

Anthony Goyette Deland
Insane shape!!

Man this board looks awesome! Shape looks insane with the straight slash cut at both ends with the Wallie tips kicking up!

I have not ride it for now because its summer time here were I live and theres no snow haha but ill sure update this review when I get a chance to try it next season! Can’t wait, so hype to butter that fu**er haha!

Already have the Smile!!

3BT is Legit

Been riding a fun kink for the past 3/4 seasons. Love this board, great on everything. Catch free easy riding. Just bought a global warmer for the upcoming season. Never buying another snowboard unless it’s a bataleon!!

Evil Twin
Hendrik K.
Amazing board

The best park board to have!


Well made product. Strong, thick and reassuring sleeve. I recommend. Don't hesitate to oversize I reckon

super good

148 is excellent,for female it's also easy to ride

Stowaway Sleeve
Ricky Napoli
Quality Product

High quality and nice fit. Exactly what I wanted

These bindings are soo flame

There bindings are meant to throw tf down. They do great in the park, but man are they fun on a powder day! These things are surfy yet solid when you need them.

Smile T

Nice Tshirt, good color, arrived on time :) merci

Brianna G
Such a difference

Bataleon really gave me that extra speed I needed for tricks, being a lot lighter and aerodynamic than my last board. It’s truly one of the smoothest boards to navigate after going through 4 other brands. The lifted sidebase areas are amazing for going over various terrain and features. All in all, the boards turn smoother and faster and avoids snags on uneven terrain and features. Very happy with my board.

The Carver
Fantastique Carver

Cette board est fabuleuse, elle est rapide et dynamique.
elle s'adapte a toutes tous type de virages. je n'ai jamais fait autant de virage en une descente.
Que la neige soit dure ou fraiche cette board sera s'adapté.
je l'uitilses aussi bien pour les sorties sportives avec les potes quand sorties en familiale ou le rythme est moins soutenu, mais comme elle tourne sans effort la journée passe sans ce grillé les jambes.
si vous aimer les courbes?
La Carver 3BT est une planche assurément a découvrir à un prix abordable en plus.


I can not believe it! I have my first bataleon board .... I can't wait to try it. we will talk soon.

Vera Jacobs

I like the snowbard

Amazing board

The fit and finish from Bataleon is amazing. The graphics look great and the board rides even better.

Bailey Peyroux
It’ll take whatever you throw at it

The Bataleon Whatever is such a sick board for any riding condition. From beginner to advanced riding skill level it will leave you with a smile on your face for “Whatever” your hitting on the the slopes.

Lizzie Allen
First time buyer! Distortia 149

This product is so dope! I think I’ve found my board of choice forever! Thanks Bataleon!! Yeww

First Bataleon gear

Since it has a large propulsion force, PartyWave can be relied on even on gentle slopes. Thanks to the special shape of the sole, the nose is difficult to dive, so you can cruise with confidence even in deep and heavy snow. An indispensable item in my snowboarding life!

Dano W

I already own a huge quiver of Bataleon's but this board was a must! The ride is so sweet playful enough on groomers and then step into the Pow and it’s game on!! And the looks you get with this board is crazy.If you want quality boards and great customer service Bataleon is the company who takes of it all.

Evil Twin
Alastair C
Loyal for life!

I got my first Bataleon board about 10 years ago - a Fun Kink. I absolutely loved it. When the time came to get a new board I knew I wanted a Bataleon but wanted to try a different model - so I got an Evil Twin. Once again, I love it! Both boards have both been so much fun to ride and perform very well in all conditions and terrain. I can’t see myself getting a board from anywhere else! Of course, it’s a bonus that the board artwork is second-to-none!

Allison Mayhew
Bataleon disaster!

My new bataleon disaster is the sickest snowboard I’ve ever had, the weight is perfect and the bounce back it has is totally insane will always buy from bataleon!!