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2122 Mens snowboards



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Bataleon Mens Snowboards 2022

This year we have 21 different snowboards for men. All Bataleon men’s snowboards feature Triple Base Technology™ (3BT).


Men’s directional snowboards 2021/2022

The Bataleon mens directional snowboard line include: Thunder bolt, Thunder, Surfer, Party wave, Party wave+, Camel Two, Camel toe & Carver.

Men’s directional twin snowboards

Our men’s directional twin snowboards include: Jam, Stallion, Goliath, Beyond Medals, Whatever, Fun Kink & Chaser.

Men’s twin snowboards

Our men’s twin snowboards line include: Boss, Evil Twin, Magic Carpet, Wallie, Disaster & Blow.

3BT snowboards

3BT™ is not a single design but an entire shaping philosophy. All Bataleon mens snowboards feature a 3D profile that is tailored to a particular riding style, and performs better than other boards in its category.

Rider Levels

We use the riding level as an indication to pick the right board for the right snowboarder. It’s important to keep in mind that this is only an indication. As you can see below we have 3 levels: beginner snowboards, intermediate snowboards & expert snowboards.

Mens Beginner snowboards

Our beginner snowboards tend to be softer, playful & focussed on making progression as easy as possible. If you're just getting started we would recommend the Blow, Chaser or Disaster.

Mens Advanced snowboards

Advanced snowboards are really for everyone that knows how to ride a snowboard. It’s neither a beginners nor an experts board. If you're looking for an all-round snowboard you should check out the: Fun.kink, Whatever, Beyond Medals & Goliath.

Men’s Expert snowboards

In general Expert snowboards are stiffer & built for aggressive riding. Experienced riders have different needs & we kept these in mind while designing our expert snowboards. A few examples of our men's expert snowboards: Thunder Bolt, Surfer, Carver, Jam, Stallion & Boss

Warranty & shipping

All our mens snowboards come with a 2+1 year warranty & free shipping. If you need help choosing the right mens snowboard or have any questions then please reach out to our rider support. You can start a live chat or email your questions to: webshop@bataleon.com